Tuesday, August 10

Stuffed green peppers - a cross between this recipe and this one, cantaloupe

Taste grade: B-. I don't like green peppers much, but I had four and I needed to use them. The flavor was a tad bland (if I make it again I will use sausage instead of ground beef).


CaJoh said...

You should try Cabbage Rolls:

1. Steam the Cabbage
2. Roll in a hamburger and rice mixture. 3. Place rolls into an iron skillet.
4. Add a can of whole pealed tomatoes (crush the tomatoes in the cracks between the rolls).
5. Pour 1/4 cup water
6. Cover and cook on medium heat until rice is done.
7. Enjoy!

Lynette said...

So did you actually like the green peppers? I like them but Rick doesn't like bell peppers so I rarely have them around. Would be nice to have a recipe that he wouldn't mind eating them with.

Seamingly Sarah said...

I use sausage in my stuffed peppers too. I also prefer some cheddar cheese and orzo (instead of rice) in there too.